3AIM Solutions is focused on the translation of a range of complementary products and services that are addressing the Triple Aim of Healthcare.

We use a powerful combination of:

  • skilled people
  • proven processes
  • innovative technologies

to commercialise carefully selected products which will benefit patients, clinicians and the healthcare system, while at the same time adding for the shareholders we represent.


We supplement a traditional product offering with new products/services designed to improve health outcomes at lower costs. 3AIM is primarily focused on wearable technologies, digital healthcare and big data.


We collect data that demonstrates the superior value of our products and services, consequently developing new data-based offerings that focus on benchmarking and continuous improvement in health.


We focus on value-based care delivery by building fully integrated supplier and care provision partnerships. Translation of new products and services are efficiently realised, while healthcare costs are minimised.

3Aim Solutions Sets Itself Apart

We work in disease management holistically, clear in the knowledge that various physiological parameters are integral in diagnosis of early disease, and monitoring progression.

Many morbidities are traced back to a single cause. For example, obesity often leads to obstructive sleep apnoea, poorly controlled diabetes will likely result in peripheral arterial disease and hypertension is closely related to heart failure and other morbidities.

3AIM Solutions concentrates the effort early in the patient journey for disease prevention or early disease intervention. Later in the journey we are optimising and monitoring treatment successes.

Currently, 3AIM Solutions is heavily involved in developing monitoring technologies for cardiovascular and respiratory indications. Innovative continuous blood pressure monitoring technologies are also a focus.

Into the future, we are looking for interesting opportunities in areas of oximetry, EEG, and bodily fluid analysis (saliva/sweat) for easy blood sugar measurements.

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